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Vertiv Introduces Line of Redundant Power Transfer Switches

by Helen J. Wolf
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Vertiv has introduced the Vertiv Geist Rack Transfer Switch (RTS), a new transfer switch line that provides redundant power to single-cord devices.

Geist RTS is ideal for use in distributed IT networks and edge locations due to its compact size.

Allows users to switch to an alternate power source if a primary source fails or becomes unavailable.

In addition, the Vertiv Geist RTS can immediately detect a power loss and automatically switch the load to an alternate source in less than eight milliseconds so that supported servers and other critical devices can continue to operate during a planned or unplanned outage.

Vertiv Introduces Line of Redundant Power Transfer Switches

Vertiv is currently available in base upgradable and enhanced intelligence models. Later this year, Vertiv will release switched and controlled models at the sales level.

The upgradeable base model includes the option to upgrade technology to meet future requirements as they arise.

The enhanced intelligence model provides a comprehensive view of how much power vital IT equipment uses, available in the rack or via remote access.

The Geist RTS also makes it easy to mount rack power distribution units (PDAs) in the U-space of a standard rack or cabinet, as it is available in 1U or 2U rack-mount designs.

In addition, select models are available with Combination Outlet C13/C-19 to make a selection and purchase easier and customer applications more flexible.

“Vertiv is a leader in flexible, adaptable solutions that meet the scalable growth requirements of the data center, and we continue to meet those needs to support the growing edge and IoT and 5G technologies and applications,” senior IT and Vertiv Asia management systems say director Wesley Lim.

“As more computers move to the edge, a single rack failure can bring business to a halt, turning redundant power into one of the most important backbones of a distributed IT or edge location.”

The Vertiv Geist RTS provides redundant power and proactively monitors the IT environment, such as temperature, humidity, and airflow.

In addition, users can enhance device monitoring functions by remotely monitoring IT power consumption.

The Vertiv Geist RTS can support up to 24 outputs for higher-density rack configurations.

This latest offering comes after Vertiv introduced the Liebert DM in October 2021, a thermal management solution suite for small and medium-sized computer rooms, IT closets, and other edge applications.

The company says that using an intelligent algorithm, the floor-mounted Liebert DM thermal management solution is designed to provide enterprise-grade cooling to small computer rooms and network closets to prevent overheating and IT equipment failure.

According to Vertiv, it is designed to provide year-round temperature and humidity control for IT applications.

It features a high sensible heat ratio (SHR) of over 0.9, making it useful for cooling IT environments compared to standard comfort cooling solutions.

Users can connect up to four units of the Liebert DM series in one network. With automatic rotation functions, multiple Liebert DM units can be installed, configured, and synchronized to ensure optimal management of heat loads in most IT environments.

The Geist Rack Transfer Switch is ideal for banking, healthcare, financial services, education, energy, government, and transportation industries that operate micro data centers, distributed IT networks, or edge data centers.

Vertiv’s latest offering is now available across Asia, including South Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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