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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Expands Distributed Cloud Services

by Helen J. Wolf
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure meets customers where they are by introducing a lower entry point for OCI Dedicated Regions and a preview of Compute Cloud@Customer services, bringing more than 100 OCI public cloud services to customers’ data centers.

These new services will help customers meet strict latency, data storage, and data sovereignty requirements essential to many IT modernization efforts. Customers, including Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Siam Commercial Bank, and Bangladesh Data Center Company Limited (BDCCL), have chosen OCI Dedicated Region to get the full functionality of the public OCI cloud in the locations of their choice.

“Distributed cloud is the next evolution of cloud computing, offering customers much more flexibility and control over how they deploy cloud resources,” said Dave McCarthy, research vice president of cloud and edge infrastructure services, IDC.

“Customers are no longer limited by location choices, data sovereignty, data residency, or latency. Offering more capabilities than anyone else in the industry, OCI’s distributed cloud services place all the benefits of the public cloud directly in a customer’s data center while still being managed remotely by OCI.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Expands Distributed Cloud Services

Customers across the region and industries, including financial services, the public sector, healthcare, and logistics, have adopted OCI to support their cloud transformations without the compromises in scale, data sovereignty, security, and control they have had to make in the past.

The new services include:

Lower Entry OCI Dedicated Region: The new OCI Dedicated Region requires an average of 60-75% less data center space and power, with a significantly lower entry price of approximately $1 million per year for a typical customer. More customers can now take advantage of the public cloud’s flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and scale in their data centers. OCI Dedicated Region gives customers a complete cloud region in their data center with all the benefits of OCI’s public cloud. Commercial and public sector customers deploy OCI Dedicated Region to host applications and data that require strict data storage, control, and security; or to stay in specific locations for low-latency connectivity and data-intensive processing. Dedicated Regions can also be expanded (such as Oracle’s public cloud regions) in hybrid architectures using Roving Edge Infrastructure. OCI Compute Cloud@Customer preview: OCI Compute Cloud@Customer is a rack-scale solution for smaller environments than OCI Dedicated Region. Compute Cloud@Customer enables organizations to run applications on OCI-compatible compute, storage, and networking in their data centers, fully managed as a service from an OCI region and leveraging OCI’s cost-effective consumption model to streamline operations and reduce costs to lower. With OCI Dedicated Region, Exadata Cloud@Customer, and Compute Cloud@Customer, organizations use the same OCI-managed hardware and software in their data centers and OCI regions. Developers and IT managers will use the same APIs and management tools to create a consistent user experience no matter where the services are run. Organizations can more easily develop, deploy, secure, and manage a single set of software across a wide variety of distributed cloud environments.

“Customers have told us they are looking for comprehensive cloud solutions to modernize their infrastructure while meeting their security, regulatory, and data residency requirements,” said Chris Chelliah, senior vice president of technology and customer strategy at Oracle Japan and Asia Pacific.

“Oracle’s distributed cloud gives customers a choice to seamlessly deliver full cloud services on-premise, in the public cloud, or a combination of both, with the same experience across all options.”

The OCI region is operated as a commercial and government cloud in 38 regions, which can be interconnected with other clouds for multi-cloud architectures or act as the control plane for hybrid cloud offerings. The OCI region can also be deployed repeatably in the customer’s data center as a dedicated single-tenant cloud. OCI deployment options can include the functionality of all 100+ OCI services or just a subset, with the required location choice, performance, security, compliance, and operational models. Together, these deployment options make up OCI’s distributed cloud.

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