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Zscaler launches co-located data centers in Canberra and Auckland

by Helen J. Wolf
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The company says the investment will now provide companies in the public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand with greater resilience to support their zero-trust cybersecurity stance.

The new sites were added to Zscaler’s ongoing investment in Australia and New Zealand operations. They will complement Zscaler’s existing data center infrastructures in Sydney and Melbourne, all co-located in Equinix data centers.

At the same time, the new data center in Canberra will help deliver a capacity expansion to meet a significant increase in demand from public sector organizations.

Zscaler launches co-located data centers in Canberra and Auckland

The new data centers will support the company’s core products, including Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) and Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA). With compute capabilities, SSL interception, and security services running on the edge, the new data centers will connect IT users to business applications via the shortest route, ensuring a fast, secure user experience. The new investment will also allow Australian and New Zealand companies sensitive to data sovereignty to keep all their data within national borders.

The new centers will provide customers with improved capacity and performance and prevent malicious activities from affecting their services. In addition, customers get the speed, scale, and stability of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange – the world’s largest cloud security platform – to optimize digital experiences and support security for modern, dynamic applications.

“Successful organizations of all sizes realize that any disruption, no matter how small a security incident, will impact the business as a whole,” said Steve Singer, Regional Vice President of Australia at Zscaler.

“We currently support over a million users from Australia on our platform, and these numbers will grow. Bringing new data center facilities to Canberra and Auckland brings our industry-leading Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform closer to our customers,” he says. Say. “Right now, at all levels of the community, there is an ongoing focus on the need to strengthen Australia’s cybersecurity position against a range of threats, including potential attacks from nation-states and supply chains,” said Singer.

“Our new data center infrastructure will further support any new programs the new Federal Government and Secretary for Cybersecurity can launch to raise awareness of the Essential Eight further and continue to strengthen the need for continued cyber vigilance.

“At the same time, we also look forward to further supporting New Zealand enterprises to keep information safe and secure and to continue to comply with CERT NZ guidelines.”

The two sites complement Zscaler’s more than 150 data centers that provide cloud services delivered from Zscaler’s proprietary cloud, hosted in geographically dispersed, hardened locations that are globally redundant in power and connectivity. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform is IRAP rated as Protected.

Zscaler’s clients in New Zealand include Fletcher Building and Tower, while the company’s public sector clients in Australia include Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, Commonwealth Grants Commission, and Cenitex.

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