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New financial accounting hub can manage 40 million events daily

by Helen J. Wolf
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Global software integration company Axway has launched its new service Axway Financial Accounting Hub (AFAH), which can manage a retail customer’s 40 million events per day in real time.

The company says AFAH can also cut costs and integration time for ERP Finance migration projects in half.

Axway says that companies expect to take on more roles with smaller budgets and teams as finance departments evolve.

The company says it is a long-standing partner of finance departments and has designed AFAH as a meeting point between finance and business, building mainly on the company’s expertise in APIs.

The future-proof business platform enables finance departments to provide relevant, high-quality data to any business unit to improve management and strategic decision-making.

New financial accounting hub can manage 40 million events daily

“Axway Financial Accounting Hub is one of the most advanced and scalable offerings on the market today,” said Lionel Linossier, Axway’s general manager, Digital Finance.

Through data transformation, data quality, and data exposure, Axway says its new product will help finance departments to:

The company says AFAH optimizes operational efficiency by automating, simplifying, and streamlining processes. It also uses APIs for real-time processing, lowers operating costs, and speeds up processes and the quality of the data provided.

“The Axway Financial Accounting Hub enables us to support the business lines on a day-to-day basis,” said Gharib Chahr, ODDO BHF’s Head of Project Finance and Accounting Control.

“Launching a new product is very fast, as it only takes two to four weeks to make the necessary accounting adjustments.”

Axway says the highly flexible, open platform provides a curated financial information system to meet regulatory, business, and technology requirements. In addition, a self-service portal enables the implementation of DevOps methodologies for greater responsiveness.

“With Financial Accounting Hub, we have given our people the freedom to set and maintain business rules on their own, enabling us to maintain a strong compliance attitude, accelerate new opportunities, and grow the business,” said Auxia – Malakoff Humanis Group Administrative and financial director Nathalie Meyer.

AFAH improves the quality, readability, and use of data in finance departments by relying on comprehensive and actionable audit trails, rejection management, and reconciliation tools.

“Thanks to the partner ecosystem, the support of our experts, and the R&D efforts associated with this new offering, Axway demonstrates its commitment to helping its customers produce the best financial, operational, and business data,” said Linossier.

Axway says its API-driven B2B integration and MFT software, refined over 20 years, complements Axway Amplify. This open API management platform makes it easier to discover and reuse APIs across multiple teams: Suppliers and cloud environments.

The company says it has helped more than 11,000 companies unlock the full value of their existing digital ecosystems to create brilliant experiences, innovate new services and reach new markets.

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