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ConnectWise Unveils Cybersecurity Updates and Partnerships

by Helen J. Wolf
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Software company ConnectWise has unveiled new updates to its services, including a SentinelOne integration, and highlighted the importance of cyber insurance for businesses at its IT Nation Secure conference.

ConnectWise general manager for cybersecurity, Raffael Marty, says that MSPs who want to develop a robust cybersecurity strategy to protect themselves and their customers from threat actors must consider and act on many critical factors.

“Everything we’ve shared, from our portfolio of integrated cybersecurity products and services to our expanded partner program and new partnerships, is designed to simplify this process and enable MSP owners to focus on growing their business while protecting their legacy,” he says. †

ConnectWise Unveils Cybersecurity Updates and Partnerships

The company says the new partnership with ControlCase and Fifthwall Solutions will provide the training, automation, and quoting assistance needed to help MSPs prepare and purchase insurance. This means it eliminates dozens of steps they and their customers would otherwise have to take.

ConnectWise says ControlCase has built a ConnectWise Manage application that takes the MSP through a cybersecurity assessment. When partners and customers are ready, Fifthwall Solutions will be available to provide insurance quotes from over 35 providers.

ConnectWise says these improvements simplify the process and lead to more insurable MSPs and end customers.

The company also announced another solution that already benefits from its new Asio platform’s rapid innovation and modern engineering model – ConnectWise Risk Assessment (formerly known as Fortify Assessment).

While targeting the same use cases as the previous versions, it says that this new implementation on Asio is much easier to use and well-suited for MSPs in pre-sales situations. For example, MSPs can send a link to their prospect or customer, who will perform the assessment on their endpoint and present a risk report based on the findings.

ConnectWise’s BrightGauge service also features SentinelOne integration, enabling partners to create actionable security dashboards. The company says that by combining this information with their pre-existing data, MSPs can use the additional data to gain even more powerful insight into their security operations.

ITBoost, ConnectWise’s best-in-class documentation solution, now includes a suite of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that support incident response and information security policies.

ConnectWise says new project templates in Manage, ConnectWise’s business services management solution, provide security onboarding, incident response, and security alert handling. In addition to integrating security into its products, the company does the reverse: integrating security products with ticketing and billing within its RMM and PSA solutions.

Patrick Beggs, ConnectWise’s head of information security, says cybersecurity threats are evolving at an alarming rate, driving changes that will significantly impact the MSP business model.

“When it comes to fighting cyber threats, everyone – from MSPs to small businesses and suppliers to governments – needs to step up their role,” he says.

ConnectWise is improving our infosec game, embracing a modern approach to cybersecurity to be proactive in our operations, aggressive when it comes to discovering application vulnerabilities before release, and defeating internal threats before they compromise the integrity of applications. Harm the organization.”

“We’re bringing those ideas across our platform and feel privileged to have such a close-knit community to discuss these concepts with at IT Nation Secure.”

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