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Qlik Releases New Capabilities Powered by Snowflake Integration

by Helen J. Wolf
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Qlik has announced several new and improved capabilities designed to help customers maximize the value of their investment in Snowflake Data Cloud.

The company said these services extend the ability to feed Snowflake with near-real-time data and more easily access real-time data and take action for decision-making across the enterprise.

Tarik Dwiek, head of Snowflake’s technology alliances, said: “Customers are looking to extend their investment in Snowflake with services that accelerate the access and availability of near real-time data for modern analytics.

Qlik Releases New Capabilities Powered by Snowflake Integration

“We’re excited about Qlik’s latest SaaS platform integrations with Snowflake, which can make it easier for customers to leverage near real-time data through Snowflake to improve decision-making across the organization with up-to-date insights.”

Qlik has enhanced its Cloud Analytics services for Snowflake with two new features that help customers extract more value from near real-time data when deploying Qlik’s cloud platform with Snowflake.

Direct Query allows users to automatically generate pushdown SQL to query Snowflake on demand from Qlik Sense. This combines the ability to optimize Snowflake queries with instant access to the latest data while creating the best visualizations and dashboards in Qlik Sense.

Qlik’s FinOps and query optimization analytics applications expand on Qlik’s existing Snowflake usage dashboards and provide CDOs and data leaders with a comprehensive understanding of what drives Snowflake adoption and how best to optimize Snowflake workloads to improve user experience, the company said.

Qlik has also released new and improved Qlik Cloud Data Services capabilities for Snowflake, including:

Real-time change data capture and movement to Snowflake, including large databases, SAP, mainframe, and SaaS applications. Data warehouse automation for model-driven code generation dramatically reduces time, cost, and risk to realize Snowflake’s full potential. Reverse ETL to replicate enriched data from the Snowflake platform to the operational systems.

At QlikWorld, Qlik’s recent customer and partner event, organizations such as ABB, Best Buy Canada, CSS, Harman, Novartis, SDI, and Urban Outfitters showed how they are using Qlik solutions with Snowflake to activate data for insights and action.

ABB demonstrated how they combine Qlik Data Integration to power Snowflake with SAP and other data sources to unlock the hidden value of data at scale and help create deeper insights faster.

Best Buy Canada showed how they partnered with Accenture, Qlik, and Snowflake to accelerate the delivery of the first phase of a multi-stage data ecosystem modernization journey in the cloud.

CSS outlined how they built a modern cloud data lake house with near real-time data ingestion and fully automated creation of analytics structures for fast business insights using Qlik Data Integration with Snowflake. SDI showed ZEUS, their MRO technology platform, which digitizes part of the supply chain by using Qlik and Snowflake to summarize the activities for each supply chain manager uniquely.

Qlik SVP of Technology Alliances Itamar Ankorion said: “We see continued customer success and a growing demand to use Qlik and Snowflake together to advance cloud data analytics strategies.

“These recent new features and enhancements, including Direct Query capabilities and Cloud Data Integration Services, are part of our continued investment to innovate and help customers accelerate time to value and extract more insights and action from their data. to fetch.”

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