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rapidMATION helps Coates achieve success with breakthrough RPA solution

by Helen J. Wolf
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A strong Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution can help solve many complex problems that businesses face daily.

Essentially, RPA makes it easier to build, deploy, and manage software robots that can emulate human actions, which then interact with digital systems and software to create better work processes.

No matter what industry the solution is used in, RPA helps relieve the stress of mentally exhausting tasks for the workforce. At the same time, it also helps prevent human errors and increase efficiency.

rapidMATION helps Coates achieve success with breakthrough RPA solution

Trepidation, experts in providing state-of-the-art process automation solutions, recently showcased the power of its groundbreaking RPA technology in a partnership with Coates, Australia’s largest equipment solutions provider.

The partnership’s goal was to build an intelligent automation solution that could prevent Coates’ debtor team (AP) from being overwhelmed by the mountain of invoices that come in every day from more than 4,000 suppliers.

To help manage this challenging task, rapidMATION leveraged the best automated technical solutions and, following a Proof of Value process was able to quickly demonstrate how easy to use and cost-effective this type of technology can be.

“Experience the proposed solution on a smaller scale allowed me to see the benefits in action,” said Pieter Le Roux, Coates national shared services manager.

“It also made my job much easier to convince the management team to invest in the project!”

The solution for Coates combines robotic process automation (RPA) with AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) to create a digital worker who helps the AP team around the clock. This saves thousands of hours that can now be diverted to more satisfying, value-added work and future business advancement.

Before the intelligent AP solution was introduced, the Coates Hire AP team was responsible for processing approximately 27,000 supplier invoices per month, significantly overwhelming mission-critical operations. The team manually managed this workload by checking emails, opening attachments, and entering billing information into their ERP platform.

Unfortunately, this led to several issues, such as data entry errors, payment delays, burnout, and poor employee retention. Additional costs were associated with over-hiring to avoid bottlenecks and strained supplier relationships due to unmet and untimely service.

Le Roux and his team began investigating whether intelligent automation could solve these problems and asked rapidMATION for help. He worked closely with rapidMATION to build the company’s new brilliant accounts payable solution.

The result was an RPA system that could provide 24/7 service and help teams by:

Monitor the AP email inbox. Open attachments and classify which documents are invoices. Decipher invoice content and extract relevant data (PO numbers and total amounts). Transfer all relevant invoice data to the ERP system.

The results of the first 145 days showed that the solution was a groundbreaking success. Ninety-one thousand emails were processed, and 87,000 invoices were processed directly in the ERP. Coates also saved 2,900 labor hours, greatly reducing the burden on staff.

This achievement means that RPA can save you and your company time, money, and hassle. To learn more about how an RPA solution can help, please contact trepidatitrepidation at 8003 3582 or [email protected].

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