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Akkodis Joins MIT Research Center for Digital Transformation

by Helen J. Wolf
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Soon to be Akkodis, Modis joined the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) as a corporate member to collaborate on research projects, events, and education.

Through the partnership, Akkodis will also work on key MIT IDE activities to advance smart industry leadership and digital transformation.

AKKA & Modis, soon to be Akkodis, is an engineering and R&D market that uses connected data to drive innovation and digital transformation.

The company will make the full switch to Akkodis in Australia by the end of the year.

Akkodis Joins MIT Research Center for Digital Transformation

Akkodis has 50,000 engineers and digital experts who provide deep cross-industry expertise in 30 North America, EMEA, and APAC countries.

The offerings include industry experience in key technology sectors, including mobility, software and technology services, robotics, testing, simulations, data security, AI, and data analytics.

The company’s combined IT and engineering expertise also enables it to deliver end-to-end offerings across four service lines; consulting, solutions, talents, and academy, to help its clients find new ways to conduct product development and business processes.

“This is an exciting collaboration, and we are proud to partner with MIT IDE, accelerating Akkodis’ innovative capability through state-of-the-art research,” said Peter Hawkins, interim senior vice president of Modis Australia.

“In Australia, we have an in-depth analytics capability and several award-winning analytics solutions leveraging Tech for Good. We’re excited about the opportunity to leverage globally to amplify the impact of data-driven solutions.

“This partnership will enhance digital skills, develop research, and uncover real solutions to immediate business challenges to drive Australia forward with technological innovation and solutions for a brighter future.”

The companies will collaborate on thought leadership and academic research across various smart technology areas, including human/AI interface, data-driven societies, and tech for good, driving innovation.

By participating in MIT IDE’s leading educational program, MIT Analytics Lab (A-Lab), graduate students will collaborate with Akkodis’ leadership team to develop outcomes that diagnose, enable, or discover solutions to real-world business problems and opportunities by using analytics, machine learning, and other analytics tools.

Akoddis says this encourages experts to learn from each other and develop new skills by working together, creating e, smart ideas that can make a long-term difference to sustainability.

Launched in 2014, the MIT IDE comprises a team of visionary, internationally recognized opinion leaders and researchers looking at how people and businesses work, communicate, and ultimately thrive in an era of rapid digital transformation.

Furthermore, the IDE is part of the MIT Sloan School of Management, and her work is closely aligned with MIT’s Innovation Initiative.

“We look forward to partnering with Akkodis as an MIT IDE Corporate Member, especially given our shared belief in the importance of preparing industries for a digital future,” said IDE Director David Verrill.

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