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Unlimint and Alipay+ to improve payments for a billion customers

by Helen J. Wolf
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Global fintech company Unlimint has partnered with Alipay+ to expand its global online payments portfolio.

Unlimited says this partnership will further strengthen its global offering and open up new opportunities for e-commerce and online businesses worldwide, helping the company reach more than one billion users of Alipay+ digital payment tools.

Unlimited says its new and existing merchants from industries such as digital commerce, e-learning, gaming, and SaaS will now have access to many e-wallets and banking apps across Asia, helping them improve customer service and streamline existing payment management operations. It will also expand its reach and sell to millions of new customers in the APAC region.

Unlimint and Alipay+ to improve payments for a billion customers

Launched in 2020, Alipay+ is a suite of global cross-border digital payments and marketing solutions managed by Ant Group. It supports digital payment methods, including e-wallets and banking apps, such as GCash in the Philippines, Kakao Pay in South Korea, Klarna in Europe, and Alipay in China.

Unlimited says that with innovative technologies and solutions, Alipay+ provides an easy way to capture digital-first customers, making it easier and more convenient for merchants to serve users of Asia’s leading digital payment service providers.

The one-stop integration feature of Alipay+ enables payment services and merchants to access all existing and later integrated digital payment methods offered by the solution through a unified interface and standardized business rules without additional technical adjustments.

Unlimited says research shows that by 2025, the number of non-cash transactions in the APAC region is expected to exceed the trillion mark.

A recent Deloitte study states that the next three years will be the “golden period” for digital commerce development in the APAC region. Between 2021 and 2025, the number of mobile wallets in APAC will double. The study also ranked the Southeast Asian market in APAC’s top three sales markets.

Irene Skrynova, Chief Customer Officer of Unlimint, said the company is thrilled to partner with Alipay+ and add new payment options to our unique solution.

“This is an important step on our journey to strengthen our APAC offering and enable cross-border payments for millions of people in the region,” she says.

“Over the past few years, we’ve focused on building critical strategic partnerships with alternative payment methods worldwide to successfully support the expansion needs of our existing and new customers worldwide.”

Skrynova says it has been on top of offering international credit and debit card processing through our direct acquisition partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay, Diners Club, and Discover.

“Alipay+ enables us to open up new opportunities for merchants around the world and to prepare them for what the ‘payment world of tomorrow’ has to offer,” she says.

Piero Candela, Ant Group’s head of business development in Europe, says Alipay+ solutions help merchants innovate, connect them with global customers through their favorite wallet or banking app, and provide payment and marketing services.

“We value our partnership with Unlimint, an acquirer that has successfully integrated its payment platform with relevant European digital merchants, with a strong focus on the entire shopping experience,” he says.

“Alipay+ will help Unlimint further expand merchants’ access to multiple leading payment methods through a single and easy integration through a unified payment and marketing solution.”

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