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Sternum Joins NXP, Contributes to IoT Security and Observation

by Helen J. Wolf
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Sternum, the autonomous IOT security and observation company, has announced it has joined the software partner community of NXP Semiconductors, a manufacturer and major marketplace for embedded controllers.

This partnership will allow IoT manufacturers who rely on NXP for their controller delivery to integrate Sternum’s proprietary security and visibility features into their devices.

According to the company, Sternum’s Embedded Integrity Verification could disable the attacks tested by NXP researchers with a CPU overhead of less than 3%, tested during the DD trial.

Sternum is designed to address the emergence of remote runtime attacks on connected devices and is seen as a valuable addition to NXP products.

Sternum Joins NXP, Contributes to IoT Security and Observation

If we look at the bigger picture, the embedded security market will grow to more than $10 billion by the end of the current decade, according to P&S Intelligence projects.

The figure points to a growing demand to protect increasingly ubiquitous connected devices and cyber-physical systems increasing in both consumer markets and business use from exploitation.

Often lacking in both security and visibility, IoT devices are transforming entire industries and have emerged as a major hole in corporate security perimeters, Sternum said.

Without proactive security controls, companies must rely on continuous and expensive patching of vulnerabilities, forcing them to look for alternative solutions, the company says.

By focusing on these issues, Sternum’s universal IoT platform enables entire fleets of connected devices to be secure and fully observable at the edge simply and autonomously.

The proprietary technology is built to detect the generic fingerprints of various attack exploits, such as command injection and buffer overflow attacks, and stop the breach attempts in real time, protecting the device’s runtime integrity from both zero-day and one-day attacks.

This approach provides complete protection against a wide range of Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE). It promotes a proactive IoT security paradigm that eliminates the need to catch up with hackers through expensive reactive patching.

With a comprehensive solution for all RTOS and Linux-powered devices, Sternum is focused on helping organizations secure and manage a wide range of assets that meet the unique industry needs of IoT device-level security and visibility in medical, industry 4.0, smart cities, energy, and more.

Additionally, Sternum’s technology, centered around dynamic code analysis, anomaly detection, and runtime integrity verification, aims to enable a ‘shift-left’ methodology, giving developers the tools to identify security flaws in pre-implementation phases while being less costly to solve.

Natali Tshuva, CEO and co-founder of Sternum said: “NXP’s microcontroller power devices that will act as the mission-critical backbone of entire industries and cities. We are excited to partner with NXP to secure the future of digital transformation.

“Our products provide businesses with a unique degree of protection against the most dangerous attacks and significantly reduce the cost of security-related maintenance. We are excited to see them being used to driving innovation on a global scale.”

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