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SAS Announces New Products Amid Success in Cloud Portfolio

by Helen J. Wolf
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Analytics and AI firm SAS deepens its broad industry portfolio with offerings that support life sciences, energy, and martech.

SAS 360 Competition

SAS provides technology to help streaming media giants prioritize consumer needs to prevent subscriber loss.

This martech offering provides them with a first-party, cloud-based ad-serving platform, fully integrated with other SAS technologies, including a customer data platform, marketing planning and strategy, and customer journey optimization to streamline customer engagement.

SAS Announces New Products Amid Success in Cloud Portfolio

SAS Clinical Enrollment Simulation Cloud

This new software-as-a-service offering, built on SAS Viya, enables life sciences and contract research organizations to simulate the outcome of complex clinical trial enrollment processes virtually.

Available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace later this year, it uses a powerful discrete event simulation engine to model the clinical trial enrollment process as it evolves.

This provides enhanced insights to drive enrollment strategy and meet contracted patient goals, resulting in faster, more strategic planning of clinical trial enrollment.

SAS Grid Guardian AI

This IoT analytics solution helps energy companies reduce costs, protect workers in the field and improve grid reliability.

SAS helps power companies better understand when overhead equipment failures can occur.

This enables them to prioritize maintenance schedules to increase security, reliability, and uptime by applying edge computing, AI, and machine learning to the radio frequency emissions from overhead power distribution equipment.

SAS has also seen momentum in adopting its cloud offering, with global cloud revenue rising to 19% in 2021.

According to McKinsey & Company, 70% of companies using cloud technology plan to increase their cloud budgets; the public cloud computing market is expected to grow to AUD$112 billion by 2024, with retail, media, telecom, education, banking, and insurance industries all adopting the cloud.

In addition, the new Total Economic Impact study from Forrester Consulting shows that organizations using SAS Viya on Microsoft Azure can achieve significant ROI in as little as 14 months.

SAS says the cloud-first transformation can be attributed to the development of SAS Viya as a cloud-first analytics platform and continued investments in strategic partnerships, such as with Microsoft Azure.

The company recently partnered with Cosmo Tech to bolster its digital twin simulation capabilities.

“We’ve transformed our portfolio to be cloud-native and cloud-portable, enabling customers to accelerate their move to the cloud and expand their use of analytics, machine learning, and AI,” said SAS executive vice president and chief technology officer Bryan Harris.

“Ultimately, we want our platform and industry solutions to be critical to every customer’s analytical innovation.”

SAS Viya serves various customers, including Georgia-Pacific, which uses SAS IoT Analytics, powered by SAS Viya on AWS, and digitally transforms its manufacturing and commercial operations.

Unplanned downtime at its plants was reduced by 30% for Georgia-Pacific. The company also identified supply chain issues earlier to ensure commercial deliveries arrived on time and in full.

Inland Revenue New Zealand has digitally transformed the use of SAS Viya by helping the agency improve compliance, save taxpayers money, and enhance the customer experience.

Global truck manufacturer Iveco Group has also transformed digitally using SAS Viya. SAS analytics in the cloud helps the company reduce truck recalls by proactively solving customer problems before they become serious problems.

The North Carolina Collaboratory uses SAS to analyze IoT sensor data from COVID-19 vaccine storage freezers to strengthen cold chain integrity and improve dosing, especially in underserved and rural communities.

Other customers using SAS Viya include Kellogg’s, Ahold Delhaize, and the State of Idaho. In 2021, SAS saw the most cloud revenue growth from customers in Asia Pacific (48%) and EMEA (29%).

“Our customers don’t have to worry about the complexity of data or the details of running analytic workloads in the cloud because SAS gives them the expertise they need,” said Jay Upchurch, executive vice president, and chief information officer from SAS.

Upchurch also leads the SAS cloud operations.

“SAS analytics in the cloud gives our customers a distinct advantage, whether they are using SAS Viya or an industrial solution.”

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