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Nozomi Networks, Siemens Unveil Software Integration

by Helen J. Wolf
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Nozomi Networks and Siemens have expanded their collaboration by integrating Nozomi Networks software into the Siemens Scalance LPE local processing engine.

Nozomi Networks Guardian Remote Collector software is a hardware platform that processes data from edge and cloud applications in production environments.

By integrating this OT and IoT continuous monitoring software with Siemens’ Scalance LPE hardware, customers can easily deploy it in their industrial networks.

Nozomi Networks, Siemens Unveil Software Integration

“This is an important milestone for Siemens’ partnership with Nozomi Networks,” said Vice President Sid Snitkin of the ARC Advisory Group cybersecurity advisory services.

“Embedding Nozomi Networks solutions in Siemens Scalance LPE eliminates integration cycles and gives users an efficient and reliable solution with built-in cybersecurity capabilities.”

The Scalance LPE hosts the new Docker version of Guardian Remote Collector to incorporate local data collection, preprocessing, and analysis into operational technology implementations.

In addition, this release provides an effective way to distribute processing power across large production operations. It enables any centralized application, including the cloud-hosted security platform Nozomi Networks Vantage, to analyze and aggregate data more efficiently.

The offering also seamlessly provides highly scalable continuous monitoring and intrusion detection to the network edge via the Scalance LPE.

Data is routed from the edge to the Nozomi Networks Remote Collector hosted on the Scalance LPE to monitor and analyze industrial network protocols, including PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCat, for anomalies and potential threats.

“This is the first distributed cybersecurity collection and analysis software embedded in the Scalance LPE platform and is an essential part of our deep-dive concept for OT cybersecurity,” said Maximilian Korff, business development leader, Siemens Scalance.

“This integration provides our customers with a non-intrusive and powerful solution to detect threats in real-time and gain a deeper understanding of their OT network.”

The companies note that what is unique about this integration is that using the Siemens reference network architectures even collects traffic from parallel PROFIsafe production cells.

Nozomi Networks analyzes data from the industrial process or global enterprise to provide insights and actionable intelligence to address security threats and help respond to and resolve them faster.

The Scalance LPE supports large-scale factory automation by distributing local processing capabilities to the edge. The companies say it is ideal for Nozomi Networks due to its position in the industry as a highly scalable OT cybersecurity offering.

“Supporting the Scalance LPE with a docker container version of our Remote Collector will streamline deployment options for our customers and follows on from our existing support for the Siemens Ruggedcom APE platform,” said Chet Namboodri, vice president of business development, Nozomi Networks.

“Siemens is helping customers get the most out of the Nozomi Networks platform at any scale for these critical manufacturing and industrial control customers.”

The Nozomi Networks integration with Siemens hardware is now available.

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