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Forescout Signs Agreement to Acquire Threat Detection Expert

by Helen J. Wolf
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Forescout Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Cysiv, a cybersecurity innovator that uses its cloud platform to improve detection and response to real threats.

With this acquisition, Forescout states that the company will use the Cysivs threat detection engine to analyze a wealth of asset and network communications data collected automatically by the Forescout platform.

This comprehensive data across IT, IoT, OT, and IoMT devices and other critical data sources enables better detection and response to real threats, helping customers operate more securely and efficiently. Upon completion of the acquisition, Cysiv will join Forescout.

Forescout Signs Agreement to Acquire Threat Detection Expert

Forescout CEO Wael Mohamed said: “Organizations need to be able to automatically reduce the billions of data points on their networks to a handful of actionable real-world threats. Together with Cysiv, Forescout will provide customers with the most powerful platform for automated cybersecurity in their digital realms.

“When closed, the acquisition will help our customers leverage actionable threat intelligence from extensive data collected by Forescout and analyzed by Cysiv. We will receive much more than just great technology in this acquisition. The Cysiv team is exceptional, and our two organizations are very complementary.”

Today, organizations face enormous pressures to secure their networks. CIOs and CISOs have experienced rapid growth in the volume and diversity of managed and unmanaged devices, including IoT devices, leading to heightened risks and cybersecurity threats, coinciding with a decline in available cybersecurity resources, Forescout said.

With the rapid adoption of the cloud and a cloud-first mindset accelerated by the work-from-anywhere shift of the past two years, enterprises are focused on managing threats to these fluid threat environments. This has prevented organizations from effectively working on the detection, investigation, escalation, and response of real threats, especially as the threat landscape and the landscape of unmanaged devices have become more complex.

Existing solutions for detecting and responding to threats, such as EDR, require agents on managed devices. The company says that organizations that rely on an agent-based approach to detect and respond to threats cannot search for threats emanating from most of their connected devices, especially critical assets such as IoT, IoMT, and OT.

Forescout has focused on integrating into the fabric of customer networks for more than a decade to collect real-time data for all connected assets and users, along with the communication between those assets and users.

According to the company, customers have asked Forescout to use this comprehensive data to understand threats across assets of all types better and enable faster, more automated response and remediation.

Cysiv CEO and Co-Founder Partha Panda say, “We have always been on a mission to provide better threat detection and faster response. After working successfully together for the past year, we are excited to join Forescout as we continue on the next stage of our journey.

“The combination of Forescout and Cysiv will provide organizations with best-in-class threat detection and automated incident prioritization and response.”

The acquisition is expected to close in July 2022, subject to closing conditions and receipt of applicable regulatory approvals. It comes on the heels of the CyberMDX acquisition, further strengthening Forescout’s IT, IoT, and OT device coverage, With IoMT expertise.

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