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Forrester Names Talend Leader in Enterprise Data Fabric

by Helen J. Wolf
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In the Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2022 report, Forrester named Talend a leader among enterprise data fabric providers.

Forrester evaluated 15 suppliers based on 26 criteria, including current offerings, strategy, and market presence.

According to the report, the company’s combination of several data integration and governance capabilities provides users with clean and uncompromised data in a hybrid cloud environment.

“Talend has demonstrated a strong ability to execute on its vision, as well as a consistent track record of installation base and excellent customer satisfaction,” the report said.

Forrester Names Talend Leader in Enterprise Data Fabric

The report also notes that “Talend is a good fit for customers with large and complex data in hybrid and multi-clouds to support BI, customer intelligence, data science, data collaboration, data engineering, and predictive analytics use cases.”

“We believe that being named a leader in Forrester’s evaluation of enterprise data fabric providers is a testament to the value we bring to companies that rely on data to drive successful business outcomes,” said Jason Penkethman, chief product officer at Talend.

“I am extremely proud of the teams at Talend who are executing our vision to ensure that we make data reliable, accessible, and available to everyone in an organization for decision-making.

“It’s especially critical during a market downturn. Having reliable data always provides valuable insights and helps companies become more agile to identify opportunities and minimize risk accurately.”

The Forrester recognition comes after Talend announced its latest version of Talend Data Fabric. Talend Trust Score was released, which helps data teams build a foundation for data health.

It’s part of the company’s Spring 22 announcement, revealing advanced capabilities and new features.

The company says the new development will add aggregation and historical views to the health of any dataset, allowing users to analyze combined data quality metrics to evaluate data confidence at the macro and micro levels.

A global survey by Talend of business leaders in 2021 revealed widespread data efficiency concerns among businesses, with 78% saying they have problems using their data and more than a third saying they don’t use it to make decisions.

Gartner also recently reported that unreliable data and poor data quality lead to bad business accounts for an average of US$12.8 million yearly losses for organizations.

Talend Trust Score evaluates and scores data in Talend customer environments. It uses crawlers that automatically scan datasets in on-premises and cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google.

This enables companies to identify quality issues with incoming data from systems/source systems of third parties and solve them immediately before there are consequences in the future.

The Forrester report also states that “Talend’s strengths lie in data connectivity, data processing and persistence, and deployment options.”

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