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Workato Unveils Enhancements to Enterprise Automation Platform

by Helen J. Wolf
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Enterprise automation platform Workato announced a series of new product capabilities at this year’s Automate 2022 conference that helps customers expand their use of automation.

Bringing together Workato users and automation enthusiasts, the conference showcases where the industry is heading, real-world examples of business automation, and in-depth training and networking opportunities.

The product enhancements extend Workato’s platform security, improve builders’ ability to collaborate on automation development, and facilitate the extension of automation to every business team in the enterprise.

Workato Unveils Enhancements to Enterprise Automation Platform

“I’ve used other integration and workflow tools, but they all had limitations. One tool would be good at integrating with a few things. Still, not others, or it would only do a certain action,” said Sebastian Goodwin, Chief Information Security Officer, Nutanix.

“That’s when I saw Workato and how extensible it was. There were already so many integrations in the Workato community; if something wasn’t there, you could quickly make it. I’ve never really seen anything quite like Workato .”

A recent McKinsey survey found that two-thirds of global companies surveyed are automating processes in one or more business units or functions. However, most common business processes organizations use are managed using email or spreadsheets. Older approaches to this problem, such as business process management (BPM) and robotic process automation (RPA), have become ineffective because they were not built for the systems and agile methodologies companies use today.

At the Automate conference, the Workato team took a closer look at the following product improvements:

Raising Security Bars

As a cloud-native platform connecting sensitive enterprise systems, security is a critical priority for Workato. The company consistently goes above and beyond the usual industry standards in the level of security provided by the Workato platform. The introduction of Secrets Manager allows customers to use external secret managers in Workato connections instead of providing their credentials to establish relationships. This provides customers with stronger security postures and audit capabilities. The newly released data retention feature without data allows customers who process sensitive data in Workato to prevent storing transaction data such as addresses or social security numbers in Workato logs to remain compliant with data protection policies. The company also recently introduced Workato Enterprise Key Management (EKM), giving customers in highly regulated industries control, flexibility, and compliance over their encryption keys and data within the Workato platform. Improving collaboration and productivity in building automation

With increasing collaboration between builders of different skills and abilities, it is critical to understand changes between different versions of an automation recipe quickly. Introducing Recipe Diff allows users to tell the difference between visual recipe versions. This new capability provides a side-by-side visual comparison of different recipe versions, making it easy for users to see changes made during recipe development. Recipe Diff makes it easier for multiple builders to collaborate on recipe development, helps ensure architecture or recipe design standards are followed, and improves users’ ability to anticipate potential problems caused by a change in a recipe. Recipe or solve it. Facilitate the expansion of automation across the enterprise.

Enterprise automation can potentially impact any business function’s operations positively. Still, it can be difficult for organizations to determine how to empower different teams to incorporate automation into their effective roles. Deep experience in helping customers navigate the scalability process of how automation is used across their organization led Workato to introduce the GEARS framework. GEARS provides a set of best practices, templates, and toolkits that combine the lessons learned from all Workato customers into a usable set of assets that any customer can use. The core pillars of this framework aim to guide how customers should drive, enable, deploy, operate, and scale automation across their business, depending on their business goals and automation maturity level. “2021 has been an incredible year for Workato and our customers. Our customers trust us by running mission-critical automations that pass sensitive data. We maintain that trust by constantly innovating to provide industry-leading security features to protect our customers’ data,” said Gautham Viswanathan, co-founder, and chief product officer, of Workato.

“The added layer of protection with EKM, zero logging, and hourly key rotation gives customers much more visibility and control over their most sensitive data. With the right security and governance tools, our customers can achieve a new level of trust and transparency between technology and business teams.”

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