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Nine in ten employees frustrated with technology in the workplace

by Helen J. Wolf
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According to new research from Freshworls, companies worldwide face a potential workplace crisis due to inadequate technology, damage to employee productivity, mental health, and the ability to retain talent.

Despite the global shift to hybrid work, which has fueled the largest surge in technology investment in history, an overwhelming 91% of workers report being frustrated by inadequate technology in the workplace.

During the pandemic, companies spent the equivalent of an additional USD 15 billion per week on technology to enable remote working, according to KPMG. Despite the resulting rapid changes in how people work, Freshworks found that employees reported widespread disruptions to the workplace technology they use daily.

Nine in ten employees frustrated with technology in the workplace

The main complaints were slow speeds (51%), longer response times from IT teams (34%), lack of collaboration between departments (30%), missing key features/capabilities (28%), and lack of automation (25%).

In trying to get employees to embrace new technology and tools, leaders say their biggest challenge is using applications with a high learning curve (68%). More than two-thirds (69%) of leaders believe that employees are not given enough time to learn new software and that the benefits are often not adequately explained to employees (67%).

With a fierce war for talent and half (44%) of workers worldwide still considering changing jobs, easy-to-use technology contributes to employee satisfaction. While pay and benefits are the top reasons for changing jobs, the lack of flexible work options and innovative technology ranks in the top five. This is recognized by business leaders worldwide, 71% of whom acknowledge that employees will consider seeking a new employer if their current job does not provide access to the tools, technology, or information they need to do their job well.

The employee experience isn’t only affected by insufficient technology in the workplace; it also hurts the wider company. Freshworks’ research shows that outdated technology limits business productivity as frustrated employees struggle with day-to-day IT challenges. Over half (57%) of disgruntled employees say their current software makes them less productive. Nearly half (44%) of workers surveyed say time spent solving technology problems has increased since the start of the pandemic.

More worryingly, workers’ stress levels are rising due to inadequate technology in the workplace; nearly half (49%) of employees surveyed report that insufficient technology makes them stressed, and 48% say it has negatively impacted their mental health. Business leaders agree, with 38% saying not delivering adequate technology in the workplace to their stakeholders makes them feel stressed. And in an extreme indicator, nearly half of the business leaders (48%) say that stress from hybrid work is driving them out of the tech sector.

“Software used in the workplace just isn’t keeping up with the rising expectations of employees,” said Stacey Epstein, chief marketing officer at Freshworks.

“Our report shows that sticking to bloated, outdated platforms is seriously damaging productivity and the employee experience,” she says.

“This technological inertia couldn’t come at a worse time as organizations worldwide struggle to contain both talent shortages and economic uncertainty, creating threats on two fronts.”

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