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New Relic enters into multi-year partnership with Microsoft Azure

by Helen J. Wolf
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New Relic has announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to help companies accelerate cloud migration and multi-cloud initiatives.

With this partnership, Microsoft Azure customers can use New Relic as their default observation platform, native to the Azure portal.

In addition to the integration enhancements, Azure customers can allocate their Azure multi-year committed to spending to take advantage of New Relic. This makes it significantly easier for customers to give a budget for observability. This partnership also aligns the Azure and New Relic sales teams to deliver greater value to enterprise customers.

New Relic enters into multi-year partnership with Microsoft Azure

Observability is critical in ensuring application performance, regardless of the underlying architecture and whether supporting services run in a hybrid, public cloud, or multi-cloud environment. Engineers can be prompted to forgo observation best practices to meet strict project timelines when a different environment is added. Often their only alternative is to put in extra planning and development effort to get the proper monitoring, which can slow down project timelines.

Teams have blind spots in various tools, making it more difficult to maintain application uptime and reliability. With New Relic natively integrated into the Azure Portal, engineering teams have a single window to monitor all their workloads, regardless of where they are hosted, with full-stack monitoring, to debug, measure, and improve their entire stack.

“Not only are many of our customers using Microsoft Azure, but we’re also seeing a growing trend among our customers who work across multiple clouds,” said Bill Staples, CEO of New Relic.

“With this partnership, we are strengthening our cloud strategy and accelerating our mission to inspire millions of developers to take an everyday, data-driven approach to software engineering with a future where data, not opinion, fuel decisions,” he says.

Stewart Cochrane, senior director of Alliances & Channels, New Relic Asia-Pacific and Japan, added: “We are thrilled to announce our new multi-year partnership with Microsoft, the leading provider of developer tools.

“This partnership will make it easier for customers to integrate Microsoft and New Relic products and integrate telemetry quickly and affordably in one place, turning that data into actionable insights,” he says.

“It also allows us to reach more developers in the Asia-Pacific region and accelerate our mission to help every engineer take a day-to-day, data-driven approach to software engineering, where data, not opinion, fuel decisions. .”

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of cloud + AI at Microsoft, said, “Developers have become the driving forces behind modern organizations.

“Our goal at Microsoft is to help them address the real needs of their customers with essential building blocks and infrastructure that accelerate solutions,” he says.

“We know there is an increasing demand for great observation tools. Our partnership with New Relic will enable us to bring production telemetry tools and insights to the millions of developers building apps with Microsoft Azure and making it easier for customers to use Azure. To get started. Using New Relic.”

Highlights of the partnership include:

Option to store telemetry in Azure Customers on Azure can choose to use New Relics’ core telemetry cloud in the cloud of their choice to help align with their digital transformation and multi-cloud strategy.

Native Azure Portal Integration New Relic will partner with Microsoft on the technical effort to deliver natively integrated New Relic Observability solutions through the Azure Portal.

Ability to use Microsoft Committed Spends to purchase New Relic Azure customers can revoke their Azure commitment by purchasing New Relic from the Azure Marketplace, simplifying procurement and contract management.

Deep support for Azure services Deep integrations between Microsoft services and New Relic enable customers to quickly and cost-effectively land all their telemetry data in one place and translate that into actionable insights.

“The players that will win in observability are those who give their customers the flexibility to run workloads in the cloud of their choice,” said Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps, IDC.

“Companies are rapidly adopting a multi-cloud approach as it can help them innovate further while creating resilience in their systems as they are not dependent on a single cloud vendor,” he says.

“There is a huge business opportunity for the observability companies that can support multiple clouds and find new ways to reach developer communities.”

New Relic’s observation platform is uniquely built to instantly correlate, visualize, and alert data from more than 470 different integrations in one place, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform services; open source instrumentation and technologies, such as Prometheus, FluentD, and Kubernetes; modern CI/CD, and release management and issue management tools, such as Atlassian, Slack, and CircleCI. The partnership builds on the momentum of last year’s New Relic CodeStream partnership with Microsoft, which brings developer collaboration into the IDE through comprehensive integration support spanning multiple Microsoft platforms and products such as VS Code, Visual Studio, .NET, GitHub, Microsoft Teams, and Azure DevOps.

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