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MAXHUB’s Digital Signage Range to Increase Boardroom Productivity

by Helen J. Wolf
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Do you want to take your boardroom activities to the next level? With wireless screen sharing and seamless system integration, MAXHUB’s new range of Digital Signage will increase productivity in any space.

The new MAXHUB Digital Signage technology is purpose-built to make any team meeting more effective and aims to improve efficiency under all circumstances a business may face.

This flexible, all-in-one conferencing solution also integrates easily with existing systems in any meeting location, creating seamless communication and better work environments.

MAXHUB's Digital Signage Range to Increase Boardroom Productivity

There are also endless possibilities for integration. Companies looking to improve their operations can also maximize the impact of the bold display of the product by bundling it with other MAXHUB UC products, creating a fully integrated system.

Businesses can combine the MAXHUB Digital Signage with the MAXHUB UC S10 Pro video bar to enjoy a superior audiovisual experience. They can also connect the solution with the MAXHUB BM21 speakerphone and the MAXHUB UC P20 camera for clear communication and pair them with a mobile stand for more stability.

MAXHUB is a proven leader in communications, conferences, and collaboration solutions. With countless products in workplaces worldwide, CEO Darren Lin says the company is constantly looking for ways to make communication easier for businesses.

“MAXHUB’s global leadership in the unified communications solutions market is driven by our commitment to deliver exceptional products that reduce constraints for our customers,” he says.

“The MAXHUB Digital Signage is another example of our commitment to creating high-quality, all-in-one solutions that offer more options to meet more scenarios.”

MAXHUB Digital Signage also includes several advanced features that focus focusing, security, and flexibility.


Remote configuration and management powered by Bytello DMS to save on labor, equipment installation, and on-site maintenance costs. High-quality safety standards rigorously tested and certified for safe use worldwide. MAXHUB Share, included in the MAXHUB Digital Signage, enables wireless screen sharing between devices and operating systems—support for image latency of less than 90 ms for quality that borders real-time streaming.

The new product is now available for purchase in regions in APAC, and MAXHUB is excited to continue sharing the latest and greatest in conference technology.


MAXHUB has enhanced the creativity and productivity of the team worldwide by providing advanced audiovisual technologies and total solutions.

As an R&D-led organization, they strive to develop industry-leading solutions that help keep people seamlessly connected and make teamwork more efficient and effective.

They are an innovation-driven team that develops collaboration solutions that enable immersive communication.

For more information about the MAXHUB Digital Signage, click here. For pricing and availability, please email MAXHUB at [email protected].

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