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Forescout Technologies Launches Free Threat Detection Service

by Helen J. Wolf
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Forescout Technologies has announced the launch of Forescout Frontline, a new threat detection service that leverages a team of trained cybersecurity analysts.

Forescout states that this is designed to support cybersecurity teams by proactively identifying risks, enabling faster incident response and a more mature security posture.

According to the company, Forescout offers this free service to organizations that lack the internal resources and visibility to defend themselves against cyberattacks, including ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

Shawn Taylor, Vice President of Threat Defense for Forescout, said: “Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. At the same time, cybersecurity teams are constantly understaffed and under-resourced. This has created a perfect storm.

Forescout Technologies Launches Free Threat Detection Service

“Organizations are under tremendous pressure to cope with the scale and speed of attacks and the havoc wrought by the adversaries. Forescout is launching this new service to help organizations defend against attacks by providing a complete and holistic view to give up their assets.”

Many organizations use multiple security tools in various teams to identify threats and risks. However, the company said insights could be limited due to siled views of IT, IoT, IoMT, or OT assets.

Various asset types exist in an organization’s digital realm and are often interconnected, meaning cybersecurity risks must be identified and addressed holistically.

Delivered by Forescout Frontline analysts, the Threat Hunting and Risk Identification Service overcame human resource and asset visibility challenges to discover threats and identify risks that would remain undiscovered.

Overall, the company states that Forescout Frontline will help organizations:

Discover, validate, and prioritize various cyber threats and vulnerabilities across all assets, including IT, IoT, IoT, and OT. Analyze the context and risks associated with all findings. Leverage comprehensive insights to develop effective mitigation and remediation strategies.

A Florida state agency supporting several key Florida departments has engaged Forescout Frontline to gain insights into every instance of Log4j, a zero-day vulnerability in a Java logging framework, across the organization’s 220 locations. In 16 divisions.

According to the company, Forescout Frontline provided insights into thousands of assets with vulnerabilities, such as Log4j and Windows-based PrintNightmare, in less than a day and a half.

In addition, hundreds of critical CVSS-classified vulnerabilities affected infrastructure devices such as switches and routers. Finally, actionable information was discovered regarding critical embedded IoT TCP-IP stack-based instances such as NUCLEUS: 13 and RIPPLE 20, insecure communications, and other risks. This free service reduced the time spent fixing and resolving these security vulnerabilities and improved the overall security posture.

Overall, the company states that Forescout Frontline aims to level the cybersecurity playing field by operationalizing Forescout’s Vedere Labs vulnerability research and threat intelligence and using the Forescout Continuum Platform to deliver multi-dimensional threat hunting services. Offer.

Forescout Frontline analysts include former public and private sector threat hunters with training in threat detection and incident response.

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