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Check Point and CCTV Expert Join Forces to Enhance Protection

by Helen J. Wolf
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Check Point Software Technologies has partnered with international CCTV market expert Provision-ISR.

The partnership will embed Check Point Quantum IoT Protect Nano Agent into Provision-ISR’s CCTV cameras for on-device runtime protection against zero-day attacks.

The company said the solution brings a new level of cybersecurity to the video surveillance market.

CCTV plays an important role in protecting people and organizations everywhere, from transportation hubs to retail stores, banks, and critical infrastructure. Unfortunately, as surveillance video is increasingly connected to the IoT, these devices are prime targets for cybercriminals, Check Point said.

Check Point and CCTV Expert Join Forces to Enhance Protection

Nano Agent is an embedded runtime security solution that provides built-in protection against attacks such as access control, memory corruption, shell injection, import table hijacking, control flow hijacking, and more.

According to Check Point, it guarantees 100% firmware coverage, including third-party components, without compromising the device’s performance.

Modern CCTV cameras essentially function as small computers running operating systems and applications with different networks and radio frequency (RF) interfaces. As such, they are also prone to hacking attacks.

One of the biggest problems is that end users often keep the default usernames and passwords, leaving the door open for hackers, Check Point says.

Traditional CCTV cameras don’t have adequate onboard security, even with a strong password. The question then becomes: why hack a CCTV camera? The answer is that criminals want to access the camera’s controls, disable them, point them in a different direction, and manipulate images and associated information or view the camera’s activity.

In addition, once hacked, it can be used as a network device to gain sideways access to sensitive resources on the corporate network, where cybercriminals can then exploit vulnerabilities and deploy botnets or crypto miners.

Ami Finer, VP of sales at Provision-ISR, said, “Even the companies with the largest market share on a global scale have been proven to have critical vulnerabilities. IP cameras have limited processing power, leaving little room for traditional security software.

“At Provision-ISR, we want to lead the way with 100% secure CCTV devices that will give customers peace of mind. To do that, we needed an optimized threat solution with an extremely small footprint that would be completely reliable.

“This is where Check Point comes in. From exposing firmware security vulnerabilities, fortifying the devices with runtime protection, and managing devices with granular policies, we now have a robust end-to-end security solution.”

Oded Gonda, VP of technology and innovation at Check Point Software, said: “The growing threat landscape makes it an absolute must to protect IoT devices from cyber-attacks. And the technology is available to do it.

“From IP cameras, such as Provision ISRs, to routers, medical devices, and industrial controllers, Quantum IoT Protect provides on-device runtime protection against even the most advanced fifth-generation cyber-attacks — serving as a powerful line of defense for all IoT devices. .”

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