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BeyondTrust Integrates Password Safe Solution with SailPoint

by Helen J. Wolf
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BeyondTrust has announced the integration of BeyondTrust Password Safe, both cloud and traditional on-premises deployments, with its SailPoint identity protection offering.

This partnership is focused on solving critical customer challenges, identifying and closing access control gaps, and eliminating operational inefficiencies associated with manually managing privileged accounts and permissions.

The company says password Safe offers an extension of SailPoint specifically around Privileged Access and Privileged Sessions Governance.

BeyondTrust Integrates Password Safe Solution with SailPoint

Organizations need a unified governance and security solution that enables a single, centralized view of all identities and all access, including privileged accounts, BeyondTrust said.

As organizations move to the cloud, identity is the key to successful access control and management. Organizations want out-of-the-box integrations that don’t require additional services to connect because it allows them to focus on building the value of their business rather than concentrating on integration implementations.

At a time when a single compromised privileged account can cause significant damage to an organization’s operations and reputation, access management around privileged access is critical to an organization’s overall security posture.

The combined BeyondTrust Password Safe and SailPoint Identity Security Cloud provide a hyper-scalable approach to managing privileged access for many vital business processes, including access requests, access certifications, provisioning, search and analytics, and more.

Access management powered by the BeyondTrust PAM solution fulfills a mandate for many organizations, large and small. The company said that automation through provisioning and access requests eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual tasks, allowing administrators to focus on more productive projects while eliminating the risk of human error and delays.

BeyondTrust Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances David Manks said, “We are so excited to be the first and only PAM vendor integrated and certified with SailPoint, which is a testament to our partnership with SailPoint and BeyondTrust’s commitment to our mutual customers and technology innovation.

“With identity at the core of security, it’s more important than ever that technology leaders work together to build a certified and trusted ecosystem so our customers can achieve their security goals.”

According to the company, the new integration of BeyondTrust Password Safe and SailPoint will provide customers with the following benefits:

A deep level of granularity for PAM access management and compliance Augment PAM information into existing IdentityNow business processes, including access request, access certification, provisioning, search, and analytics. Improved user experience, providing a single, centralized, enterprise-friendly view of all identities, including privileged accounts within SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Support for BeyondTrust Password Safe for both cloud and on-premises deployments. Take advantage of SailPoint AI and machine learning (ML) recommendations for PAM entitlements within certification campaigns and access requests.

Optiv senior vice president of strategic alliances and partnerships Ahmed Shah said, “Ocollaborationhip with BeyondTrust enables us to serve customers better as they navigate some of the most complex security challenges.

“BeyondTrust’s PAM integration is essential to an overall security model that includes privileged and non-privileged identities to enable a Zero Trust approach.”

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