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Airwallex, Xero Extend Collaboration With Easier Bill Payments

by Helen J. Wolf
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Global fintech Airwallex has extended its long-standing partnership with Xero by releasing a new payment link integration for Xero invoices, making it easier and faster for Australian businesses to receive them.

By including Airwallex’s multi-currency capabilities, customers can issue and pay invoices in multiple currencies.

Using this platform, an Airwallex payment link can be embedded in a Xero invoice, and the offer is now available to Airwallex’s Australian customers.

For greater flexibility, the payment link includes more than 170 currencies, allowing customers to collect money from bill recipients directly to their Airwallex account using cards and other local payment methods and have their cash settled in eight currencies via a wide range of payment types.

Airwallex, Xero Extend Collaboration With Easier Bill Payments

Once paid, Xero will automatically pick it up and reconcile the invoice by emailing a receipt to the payer.

Airwallex started its partnership with Xero in 2020 when a bank feed integration between the two platforms was introduced.

Currently available in Australia, the UK, and Hong Kong and part of the company’s commitment to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) grow, the integration enables Airwallex’s SMB customers to reconcile domestic and international payments seamlessly. Vote and save time by ensuring their financial reporting is accurate.

In addition, Airwallex’s banking exchange rates mean the process is more cost-effective. The integration allows SMBs to fully understand their Airwallex funds within Xero’s interface to quickly gain insight into their company’s financial health and position at any time. Moment.

The integration will also allow Airwallex customers to view a daily update of their transactions through their Xero bank feeds, simplifying payment reconciliation and giving SMEs more time to focus on business growth.

The new invoice is an important addition as it synchronizes payment paths for Xero customers from when the money is collected to when they are reconciled with the bank.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Xero to simplify accounting and bookkeeping for our customers,” said Sam Kothari, head of growth at Airwallex A/NZ.

“Invoice recipients can now pay with one click, increasing the speed and probability of payment for our customers, improving their business cash flow.

“We’ve also brought our unique cross-border payment capabilities to this solution to help our customers collect and hold the currencies that matter to them, avoiding unnecessary conversion fees.”

Airwallex is committed to enabling companies of all sizes to grow internationally and ultimately contribute to the global economy.

Technology is key, and the company has created a financial infrastructure and platform that helps companies manage their online payments, treasury, and payouts worldwide without being limited by the limitations of the traditional financial system.

Founded in 2015, Airwallex has raised over $800 million and now operates a team of more than 1,200 employees across 19 locations worldwide.

Airwallex launched its online payment acceptance capabilities in Australia and Hong Kong in 2021 with various integration methods, including payment links.

These one-time or reusable links are instantly generated and issued for fast and seamless bill payments without businesses having to host payment services on their website.

Airwallex’s online card payment offering was first launched in the UK in 2020; Extending this availability to Australian customers last year will give the company and its customers greater global reach.

The offering allows businesses to seamlessly and securely collect online Visa and Mastercard payments from customers worldwide.

It also allows businesses to choose from three different integration methods to enhance their digital payment strategy so that the offering meets their specific industry and business needs.

You can learn more about Airwallex’s latest integration with Xero and connect with Airwallex on social media here.

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